Classroom policies


Class fees are non-refundable

However, if you cancel at least ten days before the class then we will give you a store credit. If we cancel a class, you will receive a full refund. 

Please arrive on time

Classes begin at the designated time, so you should arrive a half hour early to have time to set up. For classes that start at 10 am, we open the doors at 9:30 so you can set up and be ready to go. 

Bring your own rotary cutter and rulers

We do not supply rotary cutters or rulers. Please do not use the shop equipment.

Do not set your rotary cutter down when it is open. Open cutters are dangerous

Don't wear perfume

Perfumes are a leading trigger for migraine and can also cause asthma attacks, skin irritation, and breathing problems for a significant number of people. This includes natural fragrances and products such as lotion and body sprays.

Political or other divisive conversations are not allowed

This is not the forum for those types of conversations.

Turn your phone off

If you must take a call, please leave the room to avoid disrupting the class. If you fall behind because you’re talking on the phone, we won’t interrupt the class to catch you up.